Sunday, May 24, 2020

Dino Riders Action Figure Artwork

Another of my favorite toy lines to draw was the short lived Dino Riders cartoon!

Toxic Crusaders Action Figure Artwork

Anyone remember Toxic Crusaders? I drew these guys when the TMNT and Gijoes ran out. 

TMNT action figure artwork

When I ran out of Gijoes to draw, I turned my attention to drawing my favorite TMNT characters!

GI Joe and Cobra artwork

I've been cleaning out our art studio this last week and stumbled over a flash drive filled with old GIJOE artwork I made years ago. I was working in a call center where I'd draw Joes during my lunches and any time the phones weren't blowing up. Pretty sure I spent a solid year drawing and coloring Joes. It was something of a dark period of my life but making these gave me a good project to keep my mind occupied.