Sunday, April 25, 2021

Pretty Weird State of the Union: April

 Hey Everyone! Pretty Weird Art has been slaving away at the artistic grindstone for the last two weeks. We've been so busy we haven't had time to post our weekly update for a little while. 

Here's a short rundown of what we've accomplished in our recent online "radio-silence"....

1. Rachel storyboarded 50 pages (the first chapter) of the 2nd Death Elf and Woose Graphic novel between teaching all her online art and ESL classes!

2. Ethan thumbnailed a 160 page graphic novel that will be the first in a series of three fantasy graphic novels modeled after the manga format. We're going to make it manga sized and black and white so our fans with smaller budgets can enjoy it!

3. Both Rachel and Ethan have been making character designs for our future graphic novel projects (Rachel's been drawing ugly mermen and Ethan's been drawing dragon turtles).

4. Ethan took his 2020 experimental Instagram web comic about a Divorced Penguin and formatted it into a 40 page one-shot comic...and just because he's an artistic masochist, he plotted out two more 40 page one-shots that follow the family as their kids react to the divorce in their teenage and college years. 

5. Rachel edited our first Youtube video!!!

So as you can see....we've been busy busy busy....

Here's the cover for the Divorced Penguin one-shot. 

And here's page one of the comic gridded out for print. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Pretty Weird Weekly Update

 Hey Everyone, This is Ethan from Pretty Weird....I really dropped the ball on my Monday state of the union address this week...Oh well! I'm getting to it now on Saturday.

Pretty Weird had a busy week this week. We both focused our efforts on script writing. Rachel worked on the 2nd Death Elf and Woose graphic novel while I plotted out three other stories we have in the works. We've separated the upcoming D&E graphic novel into 4 parts and Rachel's just about completed the thumbnails for the 1st part. Our next step will be to start doing large page roughs followed by pencils. 
Here's photographic proof of Rachel working on the scripts!

We received the first hard copies of our Skull Gun Bunnies graphic novel this week.
Getting that in the mail and seeing it in it's full 200 page glory triggered a story-telling bug in my brain so I've spent my drawing time for the week refining script ideas for several other projects. 
I usually type up a one page story synopsis of my script ideas, then I'll do a bullet list of plot points and character descriptions. Once I'm happy with the basic ideas, I'll then break down the story on a page by page basis, followed by pencil thumbnails for the page layouts. I've made some really messy pencil sketches for character designs for several of these scripts as well. When they are more refined, I may post a few of them to show off as the story development progresses. 

Another project I've worked on this week is back patches for metal vests. I submitted several of my band posters from our pre-covid concert days to a printer so that I can have 11 x16 back patches to add to my jean jacket and vests. It looks like we might be able to go back to concerts again later this year, so I hope to go to several wearing my own artwork. 

That's the recap for this week's progress in the Pretty Weird Art World. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Pretty Weird Art now has a Deviant Art Page!

                                                 Pretty Weird Art now has a Deviant Art Page! 

  Pretty Weird just spent the last hour or so setting up our page and uploading our "The Tragic Tale of Big Fist the Bigfoot" mini comic to the site. 

We plan to make some galleries for our music related artwork, mini comics, and illustration work. We'll make a point to upload some new content to it each Monday when we add our Pretty Weird State of the Union blogpost to the blog. 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Pretty Weird State of the Union #3


Hey Everyone, 

This is Ethan from Pretty Weird Art coming at you with this week's update on all things Pretty Weird.

Last week we had a death in the family which flat-tired all of our creative projects, but this week we've re-inflated all our tires and are ready to go. 

Rachel is planning her summer teaching schedule for the Outschool platform. She's got a bunch of really fun art summer camps all plotted out. She's schemed some water color and role playing projects, so stay tuned. She's also working on thumbnails for our 2nd Death Elf and Woose graphic novel. 

Today I finished the lettering for three of our backlogged Death Elf and Woose mini comics. I plan to make web banners for our new Deviant Art page and Youtube pages over the next couple of days. 

I plotted out another 6 page mini comic for this week featuring Death Elf and Woose that I can't wait to start drawing. I had some free time this afternoon to work on a cover concept for my Big D mini comic from last year.

It's shaping up to be busy week in the Pretty Weird studios. With any luck, this time next week you'll be seeing the fruit of all our artistic labors. 



Thursday, March 25, 2021

Pretty Weird Art: State of the Union #2

 Hi everyone, this is Ethan from Pretty Weird Art.

My weekly state of the artistic union post is obviously delayed this week....

We had an unexpected death in the family, so our artistic plans for the week all took a backseat to handling funeral arrangements and spending time with family members. 

Last weekend we setup our lights and camera and filmed the welcome video for our Youtube channel. Next week we hope to edit and post it. 

Rachel's comic book class students asked us to make a Deviant Art page, so I've made one for Pretty Weird Art. I've not posted anything to it yet, but we hope to start uploading artwork to it this next week. 

I found myself with some free time on Saturday so I added text to our 3-4 back logged Death Elf and Woose weekly comics. I hope to post several of them next week. 

I also had the opportunity to work on a small illustration project for a family friend. She requested a social media friendly comic to illustrate some topics she's discussing online. In a week or so, that project should be completed. 

Here's the first draft of the comic that friend requested. She wanted something that illustrated abusive relationships...

She asked that is be made more it could show that even "nice-looking" people could demonstrate abusive I redrew the comic below. I based the abuser character after Ned Flanders from the Simpsons. 

Monday, March 15, 2021

March - Pretty Weird State of the Union

Hi, everyone!
This is Ethan from Pretty Weird Art speaking.
 I’ve decided to flex my blog-muscles and commit to posting a Pretty Weird progress report at the beginning of each week. I’ll post a few work in progress shots of what we’re working on. If there’s any questions you have about what it’s like to be a comic artist, feel free to shoot us your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!

So…what’s cooking for Pretty Weird Art for the week of 3/15? Well, we’ve got a LOT on the burner this week.

 This weekend I just submitted the 200 page Skull Gun Bunnies graphic novel to our printer. I spent the weekend editing the final print files. I expect to have the first 25 copies of my graphic novel within the next three weeks. Words cannot express how excited I am to have this project nearly completed. I’ve worked on this comic for the last 5 years and cannot wait to have it in hand. It is seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I’m really proud of my gun-fighting bunnies and all the monsters they blast into oblivion.
The other thing I’m working on this week is adding the text to the last two weeks’ worth of Death Elf and Woose mini comics. I have the comics completely inked and scanned into the computer. I just need to add some gnarly text balloons and indy pimp font and we’re good to go. Can’t wait to share them with ya’ll.
Another big thing that happened this weekend….we finally have a camera so we can record VIDEO! We’ve got all our equipment ready to start our Pretty Weird Youtube channel!!!!! This weekend we hope to break out all the equipment and film an intro video to our Youtube channel.
Bird is spending her art time this week roughing out thumbnails for the follow up to last year’s Death Elf and Woose graphic novel. She’s been hard at work on it for the last month. Can’t wait to see what weirdness she has in store for us!
As you can tell, we’ve got our hands full this week. With any luck, this time next week we’ll have our first video recorded and posted to our Youtube channel

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Death Elf and Woose mini comics


Bird and I are making weekly mini comics featuring our Death Elf and Woose characters while we work on the 2nd graphic novel. Here's the first mini comic of what will surely be a wild and wacky bunch of strips for 2021!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Kitten Barbarian!

 Kitten Barbarian


Here's another one of Pretty Weird Art's imaginary friends, Kitten Barbarian!
He's basically a Conan-the-barbarian-like character who has been punished for his misdeeds by being reincarnated as a kitten....a kitten with attitude! 

I drew this image as part of last week's creative goal to make a simple tee shirt graphic for each night of the week. 

#teeshirt, #drawing, #design, #kitten, #cat, #illustration, #comicart

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Jason Family Tee Shirt Design


Jason Family
Tonight's tee shirt design is the Jason Family accompanied by their furry friend Creepy Cat!
#horrorart, #drawing, #horror, #teeshirt, #design, #prettyweirdart, #jason, #creepy, #creepycat


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Pretty Weird "Death Crow"


Our goal this week is to color a tee shirt character design each night after work. Here's tonight's project inspired by our love folklore and monsters.

#drawing, #characterdesign, #conceptart, #illustration, #comicart,
#horror, #horrorart #prettyweirdart

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Pretty Weird Creepy Cat


Creepy Cat

Creepy Cat

Our creative goal this week is to create several simple tee shirt designs using our Pretty Weird comic book characters and imaginary friends. Tonight's tee shirt features our homicidal Creepy Cat! 
#teeshirt, #creepy, #horror, #creepycat, #illustration, #drawing, #design, #horrorart, #comicart, #prettyweird

Monday, January 4, 2021

Catthulu Artwork!


Check it out! We have created "Catthulu" Lord of the Demon Cats!
What do you think? I'm thinking I want to put this guy on a tee shirt and wear him to Wednesday night Bible Study!

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Metal Posters!


Pretty Weird Art loves Metal music! So much so that we create a poster for each band we see live in person and then gift the poster to the band at the end of their set. Here's a few of the posters we've made and gifted to bands in the last two years. Typically we create an original character that illustrates the band or their music in some manner. Stay tuned for a second post of metal artwork!


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#AmonAmarth #Powerwolf #Manson #RobZombie #68 #Avatar #Nekrogoblikon